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SOS Star Choral visits BCN

BCN received on the last December 21rst, in its branch on Plateau – Praia, a visit from the Choral Group SOS Star from SOS Children Village. This initiative from SOS Children Village came as a thanks gesture for all the support...

12-01-2017 News

Deliver of the prizes from the BCN Online/BCN Digital Statement and POS campaigns

The customers Nuno Gonçalo Caseiro Miguel from BCN Private Banking branch and Casinha Chocolate Lda. from Santa Maria branch were the winners of BCN Online/BCN Digital Statement and POS campaigns, respectively, that took place from 11th July to 30th September...

12-01-2017 News

BCN  realizes the Annual Meeting and does the 2016 balance

BCN realized in the morning of the past December 10th its Annual Meeting of 2016. The event took place from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM, in the Hotel Pérola on Praia city and were present the members of the Board...

15-12-2016 News

From December 19th, Monday, visit us in our new installations

From December 19th the BCN branch located in Palmarejo will be moved to its new installations. Come and visit us in our new address: BCN BRANCH IN PALMAREJO Santo Antão Avenue, C.P. 593, Praia - Santiago In front of the Infante Dom...

01-12-2016 News

BCN establishes a partnership with the Foundation “SOS Children Village” to sell books and CDs

BCN established recently a partnership with the Foundation “SOS Children Village” to promote and sell the book “Famílias e Crianças em prosas e emoções” and the CD “ Crianças di Terra 2” with the aim of mobilize resources to the development...

14-11-2016 News

BCN implements Uniforms and Identification Cards

Since last October 31st that the customers who go to the BCN branches from Santo Antão to Brava have been met by employees properly uniformed  and identified. This measure is limited to the front-office employees and has as main goal to...

02-11-2016 News

BCN signs a partnership protocol with the Dance Company “Raiz di Polon”

BCN recognizes that Culture is a very important theme for Cabo Verde, being one of the most important promoters of the country at an international level and an important factor to the development of national tourism. Therefore, in the scope of...

14-04-2016 News

Western Union performs year end campaign and deliver prizes do the winners

From December 8th, 2015 to January 15th, 2016 was held the Western Union Year End Campaign under the slogan ”This is your chance to communicate with your loved ones”. In this campaign, to each transaction made on BCN, send or...

28-03-2016 News

BCN does the 2015 balance and prepares the beginning of the 2016 exercise in its Annual Boards Meeting

Last December 12th, Saturday, occurred in one of the capital hotels under the slogan “Together we go further” the BCN Annual Boards Meeting of 2015, year that the Bank celebrates its 10th anniversary. This meeting corresponded to the closure of...

28-03-2016 News

Winner of the draw of BCN New Generation Savings – 10th Anniversary campaign

On October 1st ended the BCN New Generation Savings – 10th anniversary campaign that, among other benefits, forecasted a draw of a term deposit made on the campaign period, started on August 3rd, to assign a reinforcement of 10.000 CVE. The...

14-10-2015 News

BCN publishes his first Sustainability Report

Approving in 2013 his Sustainability and Environmental and Social Risk Policies, BCN has just published his first Sustainability Report regarding 2014, that represents a tool to evaluate his environmental, social and economic performance. Due its value to the society in which BCN is...

05-10-2015 News

BCN branches on Santo Antão, São Vicente, São Nicolau and Sal provide the collection service of Electra Norte bills

Since May 21st that, on the scope of a commercial partnership between Banco Caboverdiano de Negócios (BCN) and Electra Norte, the consumers of electricity and water on the North region of the country, BCN’s customers or not have available, on...

27-07-2015 News


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